Monster Mash On Hallows Eve

This is a special international update for our friends in a galaxy far far away, somewhere just north of anywhere. It wuz very nice to hear from you, and to know you all are doing well.

Nice to hear you check out the blogg sometimes as well. Yeah you better keep practice the glorious swedish language lil' sis, or I have you babysit the boyz for an hour or two, and believe me you DON'T want that!!!

So this is a special Halloween update just for you guys, and I get to make you read my crappy english too, it's a win win situation.
We have survived numerous of colds, sniffles, fevers, flus and other illnesses that are included in the "day care plauge". Elric drags a lot of evil germs and icky stuff home three days a week.
I've started to work again (August) and Hannah is at home with Tyr.
We are all as well as we can be, and the boyz are slowly wearing us down, day by day, bit by bit they're making us lose the little grain of sanity we've got left. Just as it should be, we wouldn't wanna have it any other way.
We've had a wonderful summer, done tons of fun stuff together.
Fall just rushed by and this Saturday we woke up to the first snow, YAY!!!
Elric and The Dad, have been Halloweening since Wednesday (Oct 31st), making Jack O' Lanterns and other creative and spooky activities.
Tyr and The Mom (Team Small & Annoying) have been watching and wondering, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-those-two?
We've just been taking it easy all weekend, and here comes some documented fun from the last week with the freaky family. Enjoy...

Tyr (Cute Child): - Weeeee, lovely gruel, me hungry, YUM YUM gruuuuel!
Storm (Evil Skull Monkey): - Sheep...tasty...gRuEl YUMMY!!!
Tyr: - Heeeey, lay off my sweet gruel you freaky bird. Evil birdpoohead, clownface!
Storm: - Mohaha...Too late tiny...I got me sum GruuEEl, sweet mushy goo!

Ahh shoot, Mom never got me that rollcage for my birthday.
And Dad why didn't you change the tires?
I mean it's freaking winter for toys sake!!!

Someone call 911, I need a hug!

Hey guys, you look like you could need a hug.
Must be cold down there, let me help you up.

Guys, guyyys, where'd you go?
I need help...and a hug.

Yeah, you're really scary Dad.
Oh genepool horror, I'm doomed!

Making Jack O' Lanterns with you Dad sure is fun.

That's not the artistic approach I'd use Dad.
Think south of Europe, Italy or Greece, mythology themes are in this year.

Let crack that sucker open...where's the sledgehammer?
Nah, nah, I know, I know.
Slice and dice...bring on the CHAINSAW Dad!!!

Eeew, that's sooooo cool and yucky!!!

I wanna, I wanna...

..."itsy bitsy Elric, ripping out the brain"
(All together now)

Well...?!?...yeah, whatever...

Victim #1 - Classic design, with a big mis-shaped mouth.

Victim #2 - Painfully pathetic and disturbingly cute in a freaky way.

Victim#3 - This years gift to my old friend LS, he liked it. That made my day :-)

Victim#4 - Evil plague, satanicly scarred, zombie, werewolfattack...this guy had it coming, must've upset the wrong people.

And every year we light up the dark with candles for the ones that's no longer with us.
For all our loved ones, we remember, and miss you.

A nice tradition, Elric loves the lights.

And likes to help in anyway he can.

A great white shark, a lazy croc, a red submarine, and by golly,
a (gasp) Jack O' Lantern.

Yup a creative bunch we are.

Very creative indeed.

Hey Dad, I'm being creative too!!! In my diaper!!! *evil giggle*

This obsession with water reservoirs may have gone to far.
This is our model of The Valbo water reservoir.
Yeah, now we're building them as well. We're doomed!

That's it for this special update. Hope you enjoyed some of our attempts to amuse humankind.
We're gonna keep having as much fun as we can, and enjoy life as it is and will be.
You cannot keep a bunch of wierdos down for long, we always pull through.

Take care you guys, and say hello to the rest of the family and friends.
We'll keep in touch.

Love - The Perssons

(Till alla våra vanliga läsare: gilla läget, engelska kan ni ;-) PEACE!!!